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Parodies & Songs by Title



On the Economy

On the Economy

On Too Big To Fail

On GOP Economics

On the Future of the Dollar

On 2007

On the Debt Ceiling & the Crisis

On the Fed

On Credit 

Econoparody Sampler

On the S&P Downgrade

Holiday Parody Sampler

On Consumerism

On CEO Pay

On Risk & Reward

On Innovation 

On the Future of the Dollar

Pièce de Résistance

On 2008 Bailouts

On the European Crisis

On the New Plutocracy

On Frothy Economics

On Commercial Real Estate

On Social Insecurity

On Oil

On Extremism

On Hillary 2008

On Obama 2008



On Republican Self-help

Iraq Elegy

On Iraq

On Science Under Attack

On Katrina

On the 2006 SD Abortion Ban

On Torture

Parody Compilation

On Democratic Self-Help

On Enhanced Interrogation

On Clinton vs. Obama 2008

On Lobbying

On Democracy Inaction

On Religion in Politics

On Vets

On Super Tuesday 2008

If Trump Sang Immigration

On the War in Iraq

* Hazard/Shaffer/Threadneedle

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